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8 Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding in Texas

As destination weddings continue grow in popularity every year many couples are left wondering where the ideal location for their nuptials may be. Listed below are the top reasons why Texas should be rated as a top location in your consideration.

  1. No need to travel abroad.

    When we think of a destination wedding we associate it with a location which is out of state or out of the country. But, in fact, a destination wedding can be deemed as one that is at least 100 miles away from your home town.

  2. Texas has it all.

    The Great State of Texas, rated as the second largest state in the United States (although the largest if you ask any resident), has a wide range of regions which include picturesque landscapes of all types. From the piney woods in east Texas, prairies and lakes in the north, beaches of all types along the Texas gulf coast, the plains of the south, Big Bend Country in the west, and the beautiful Hill Country, the is no shortage of sites with idyllic scenery to choose from.

  3. Cost effective.

    Without the cost of having to travel out of the country this will free a great portion of your budget, allowing you to save on travel related expenses incurred when traveling abroad, such as: airfare, passports, resort fees, etc.

  4. Attendance

    The flexibility of having your wedding in Texas allows you to adjust your guest list according to your preference. Weddings abroad may limit attendance due to availability and, in many instances, resorts require wedding guests to stay a minimum of three nights which may not be an option for some of your family and friends, for any number of reasons (school, work, etc.).

  5. Scout the location.

    Having a site closer to home will allow you to visit the location prior to the wedding to ensure it is everything you wish for! A couple can take a day or weekend trip to the venue of choice to get a better idea of what to expect on the wedding day, or even to take engagement photos.

  6. Customization.

    A Texas wedding allows you the opportunity to work with your favorite coordinator, photographer, caterer, other vendors and even your favorite Texas band! For couples who prefer DIY this is a great, easy way to include your own personal touch.

  7. Year round availability.

    Depending on specific location not all months of year may be suitable to hold your wedding. This is not the case in Texas! Year round averages from 75 to 84 degrees, depending on region, will provide year round availability.

  8. Texas Proud.

    Ask any resident of this great state and they’ll confirm there is no place like Texas. So as you are planning your wedding, make sure not to overlook everything this state has to offer. Look no further, Texas is the place!