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Choosing Beer For Your Texas Wedding

Almost every wedding that we have ever been to has something in common …. alcohol, beer specifically. Kegs of the carbonated liquid usually sit behind a bar or somewhere near the dance floor to add encouragement for your shy aunt to show off her moves. With the number of breweries open in 2015 quickly approaching pre-prohibition numbers (4,131 in 1873!, 4,000 in 2015*), there are many beers to choose from over your standard Bud, Miller & Coors. Sure, you can go with the norm but why not pick a memorable Texas made beer to go with your memorable wedding.

  • Saint Arnold Summer Pils

Made in Houston, Saint Arnold releases this beer from April to August which makes it available in prime wedding season. Described on the companies website as “Crisp and refreshing”, this lager will satisfy the thirst of even your most dedicated Bud Light drinking buddies.

Saint Arnold Summer Pils

  • Shiner Bock

When many think of a Texas beer, the first one that comes to mind is Shiner Bock from Spoetzl Brewery.  All of their beer has been brewed in Shiner, TX since 1909.  Their bock is available year round beer and is already a favorite of many Texans. While darker in color, it has a smooth taste.

  • Karbach Love Street

Perfectly named for the occasion, this Kolsch-style beer is ideal for any crowd.  Love Street is a great Summer beer but no one will complain if you serve it during a wedding in a colder season. This Houston made beer was previously a seasonal offering but is now available year round.


  • Live Oak HefeWeizen

Live Oak HefeWeizen is a year round creation out of Austin and is in the style of a Bavarian HefeWeizen, boasting flavors of clove, banana, and vanilla. Delicious and low in bitterness, this beer might be so popular that kegs could float before the couples first dance.

  • Lone Pint Yellow Rose

If your feel your wedding party has a little more adventurous taste buds, you should consider Yellow Rose by Lone Pint Brewing in Magnolia, Texas. This beer has quickly shot up the list of top rated beers in the USA.  It’s an IPA (India Pale Ale) in style so it is higher in bitterness which is balanced nicely with it’s overall flavor.

This list could easily contain many more options due to the numerous great beers coming out of Texas. What are your favorite Texas made beers? Which do you think would appeal to a large group of thirsty wedding goers? Leave a comment below.


* Brewery statistics published by the Brewer’s Association