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Know Your Venue

Checking your venue during another event/wedding

In order to get a better idea of the space in the venue ask if you view the site during a wedding or other event held there. The space may seem spacious when you first visited but once it is set up with all the tables, chairs and decorations your perspective may change. Plus, if visiting during wedding this can help you get an idea of where you want to put the band/dj, cake table and any other extras you decide to include (bar area, photo booth or candy station). If your venue is unable to allow you access during another wedding, ask if they can send you pictures from different views of other weddings that have taken place there.

Will there be any other events occurring during your wedding?

Depending on where you choose to get married, some venues may have several rooms and may have multiple events going on at once. Make sure you ask what else is booked on yours date and what measures the site takes to insure each event is separate.

What restrictions does the venue have?

Some venues may have certain restrictions on how you can decorate, like no hanging fabric from the ceiling, or they might not be able to take down the stringed lights hanging from the wall that does not go with your décor. Other restrictions can be more specific, for example, no outside drinks, bartenders or catering. If it is an outside event check to see if you are able to throw rice or confetti as this can also be a common restriction.

What comes with your wedding package and what does not?

Make sure you ask about the extra items that are not included with your package, which will most likely add to the cost. Also if your package includes things that you do not need ask if they can be removed. If they are unable to eliminate any extras ask if they can give you a discounted price, after all, every penny counts when planning a wedding!

Is there any wedding vendors they recommend?

Most venues will have a list of wedding professional vendors they have worked with and are willing to recommend. Don’t be afraid to ask what band, dj, cake decorator, or wedding planner is their favorite.