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Must-Know Tips For Guests of A Destination Wedding | My Texas Vows
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Must-Know Tips For Guests of A Destination Wedding

You may have recently received an invitation from a close friend or family member about their wedding day only to realize it will not be held at the location everyone in your home town weds. Fear not, destination wedding can be just as exciting for you (the guest) as it is for the couple to be wed!

Be open minded- this may be the first time you have ever been required to travelling for a wedding and may not know what to expect, but keeping an open mind and learning all the facts of the celebration may prove to be more exciting than expected.

Make it a vacation- Since destination weddings will be held at a location away from your hometown, make it a vacation! Take a day or two to arrive at the destination to enjoy yourself. Since you may be required to pay for travel and stay, you might as well make the most of the occasion.

RSVP- After deciding you are able to attend, RSVP as soon as possible. Typically, couples will be required to inform the venue or resort of the number of guests attending within a certain period of time. Your promptly sent RSVP will be greatly appreciated.

Research the destination- The location of the site may or may not be familiar to you. Researching the location will help you be better prepared on what to expect and will help you decide what the best way to arrive at the destination will be.

Pay your deposit- With most destination weddings you may be required to pay for your hotel stay. This usually requires paying a deposit to hold the room you have chosen, since you will usually have an option to choose what type of room suites you best. Waiting to do this within the period of allotted time may cause the room you want to be booked, and/or cause a change in the rates negotiated by the wedding party.

Ask for an itinerary- When travelling for a wedding you may arrive at your destination a day or two in advance or stay a day or two after the wedding. Having an itinerary will help you plan activities for you and your family at times when you are not required to attend any of the pre- or post-wedding functions.

Confirm the dress code- Depending on the location of the wedding, you may be asked by the wedding party to adhere to a dress code. A vineyard wedding may have a black-tie dress code, while a beach wedding may require more casual attire. Dress accordingly, some couples may even ask for a certain color scheme.

Enjoy yourself- Although you may be required to do more than you are accustomed to when attending a destination wedding, make sure to take the time to enjoy the entirety of the celebration and enjoy yourself. Destination wedding may require couples to limit the guest list, so the fact you have been invited means you are important to them!