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Tips for the Groom: Ways To Help With Planning | My Texas Vows
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Tips for the Groom: Ways To Help With Planning

Planning a wedding, and all the details and events involved in the process, can be overwhelming for anyone. This is exactly why we are going to give all you grooms out there tips on how to help your significant other in the planning, and even earn yourself some favorable points in the process.

As a first time groom you may find yourself discussing topics that you may have never heard of prior to getting engaged, but do not fear. Aside from the obvious matters, like venue location and date, your bride-to-be will ask for your input on any variety of matters relating to your wedding day. Don’t be ashamed to ask for specification if you’re unsure about any particular matter. But if she knows better than to ask you for your opinion on flowers, make yourself useful by taking charge in areas that you have more knowledge of, or to which you would like to add your own personal touch.


The music will be a big part of your wedding reception. This is a good way for you to be able to add your own touch. You can set up a customized playlist (keeping in mind not everyone may enjoy 3 straight hours of Audioslave). If you go this route make sure to distinguish between the music that is played during dinner and the cake cutting and the dance afterward. Another option is to search for and book a DJ or band.


Whether or not you are having an open bar, selecting the vendor and/or the drinks you will have available to the guests during the wedding reception will be an important consideration. In this aspect you can include your own (and her) drink preference. This is also a good way to help with budgeting, as some drink types are more costly than others.


Although you may want to talk it over with your bride-to-be prior to finalizing a trip, taking the honeymoon planning into your own hands will leave her with one less thing to worry about. Booking the flights, hotel, and any other reservations will also provide you the opportunity to make some romantic plans she may not be expecting, which will make the trip that much more memorable.


You may not have an option on this one so make sure not to procrastinate. Getting your groomsman’s gifts will be a way to show them you appreciate the time and effort they took to be a part of your big day. Try to avoid the typical gifts, like pens and shot glasses. You know these guys better than anyone so add a personal touch to show your appreciation.

These suggestions are just a few of the ways in which you can take charge and make your mark on one of the most important days in your life. Taking the initiative in any way you can will help reduce the stress on your loved one which will surely bring a smile to her face, and that’s what it’s all about!