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Tips On Etiquette For Destination Weddings | My Texas Vows
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Tips On Etiquette For Destination Weddings

You may be left wondering what etiquette to follow while planning your destination wedding.  Here are some useful tips that will help you plan your big day!

Consult your guests

When deciding on a destination wedding remember to first discuss it with your VIPs, those guests most important to you, the ones you could not have your wedding without. Make sure they are willing and able to attend the wedding at the location you have chosen.  Try to book your venue/resort at least six months in advance to ensure yours guest have sufficient time to plan accordingly.

Choosing the date

Be mindful of the weekend you plan your big day.  Although major religious or national holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving should be avoided, smaller holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day may provide an ideal date because they offer your guests a three day weekend.  Remember, no date will be perfect for everyone.  Be understanding if some are unable to travel or attend for various personal reasons.

Wedding showers

Wedding showers can be a tricky subject when having a destination wedding.  If you are choosing to have a small, intimate wedding with family members only it is ok to invite friends and coworkers to the wedding shower.  However, if your guest list includes some friends stick to your guest list to avoid awkward situations with others not invited to the wedding.

If wanting to include everyone, consider hosting a small reception at home after the wedding or honeymoon.

Guest Booking

If the resort or bnb where you are getting married has a limited number of rooms available make sure you book these rooms in advance for your wedding party and immediate family.  As for the other guests, make sure to provide several hotel options in a nearby area.  Also, for guests not staying at the resort/bnb of the wedding try to arrange transportation to and from.  Consider having a travel agent or wedding coordinator to assist in this aspect.

Gift registry

It is fine to register for gifts but keep in mind your guests are already spending time and money to be a part of your big day.  Be reasonable with your options.

Who pays?

The couple, or the families of the couple, are expected to pay for the main wedding, which include: rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and any other wedding activities that you have selected for the weekend (welcome dinner, morning after brunch).

Wedding guest are solely responsible for transportation costs to the location of the wedding and for their hotel stay.  This will allow your guests the flexibility of choosing their arrival date and duration of their stay.  Costs associated with food and beverages outside of wedding festivities, and any other extra activities that the hotel/resort may offer, are also the responsibility of wedding guests.

Be mindful

A destination wedding will be a fun and memorable experience, but while planning be mindful of your guests since there will be requirements on their part they may not be accustomed to.  Make the arrangements as easy as possible for all!