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Top 5 Tradition Shattering Trends

An increasing number of couples are setting a new standard for what their wedding day entails. As such, many of the traditional wedding customs are now becoming optional or being tailored based on individual preference. Here are some of the top tradition-shattering trends among modern brides!

1. Couple’s Time Before The Wedding

Dating back to a time when marriages were pre-arranged, this tradition has quickly lost its appeal. Superstitions aside, allowing the couple to see each other before the wedding even has some benefits. Namely, it may allow for a photography session prior to the wedding which may allow for better lighting and scenic landscapes that may not be available otherwise due to timing. It also gives the couple a chance to spend quality time together with family before the start of the ceremony and reception.

2. Weekday Weddings

Celebrities have been partly responsible for the start of this trend.   It is now becoming acceptable for a couple to select a wedding date that does not fall on the weekend. Having a “week-day” wedding could even help your budget since many venues will charge a lower price for an event during an alternate day of the week. This is especially common, but not limited to, destination weddings!

3.  The Unescorted Bride

From personal preference to the reason of not having an escort, many brides are opting to go solo on their walk down the aisle. This has become a popular trend in weddings that more intimate and those in which the location and spacing in the aisle is limited, especially for brides with puffy dresses! This has even been modified in combination with reason “1” where the bride and groom walk down the aisle together.

4. Toss-Out the Bouquet and Garter

Tossing of the bouquet by the bride and garter by the groom has been a tradition meant to reveal who the next to be married would be. However this has been increasingly uncommon in modern weddings. This avoids some of the awkwardness felt by the singles called to participate and allows for a more personalized event, such as giving the bouquet to a close friend or relative, or even giving it to the longest married couple to symbolize the endurance of love.

5.  Bridal Party Option

Depending on who you ask, the number of members in your bridal party could consist of an even number of members equally representing members of both “sides”. This often leads to a large mob-like bridal party with loose ties in many cases. For this reason many couples are not opting for a limited bridal party, including only a best man and maid of honor or no bridal party at all. This doesn’t mean you can’t still have all your closest family and friends involved but limiting it could help with reducing stress overall.

Aside from the reasons listed above you may encounter other wedding traditions that may seem outdated or that simply don’t coincide with your personal preferences, for bride and groom alike. Feel free to improvise or omit as you wish, after all it is YOUR big day!!